Modern Technologies

Modern Technologies

At Old Bawn Smile Dentist Clinic Tallaght, we employ state-of-the-art technology to help us make our patients’ visits with us as comfortable and convenient as possible. From advanced laser diagnostics to pain-free drilling with air abrasion, the modern amenities at our practice will help us give patients the most positive dentistry experience, from start to finish.

  • Air Abrasion
  • HealOzone®
  • DIAGNOdent®

Air Abrasion

With whisper-quiet air abrasion, our patients no longer have to suffer through the uncomfortable noises and sensations associated with traditional drilling and tooth preparation. Air abrasion is a revolutionary process that allows our dentists to use a fine, pressurized stream of powder instead of a drill to gently remove decay and damaged enamel from a tooth’s surface. We can also use air abrasion to remove stains, repair old fillings, and even prepare teeth for new restorations and cosmetic dentistry solutions such as porcelain veneers. Because there is no vibration or high-pitched noise with the air abrasion handpiece, our patients remain comfortable for the duration of their treatment, in most cases without the need for any anesthetic.


HealOzone® is another non-invasive method we use to treat cavities and kill bacteria in our patient’s teeth. With HealOzone®, we can apply ozone gas to a decayed tooth, which kills bacteria and helps make the tooth more resistant to future decay. We can also use HealOzone® to sterilize cavities before the application of fillings and as part of root canal treatment. Because this treatment uses a painless gas to treat cavities and decay, it is ideally suited for our younger patients, as well as those who suffer from dental anxiety.


At Old Bawn Smile Dentist Clinic Tallaght, we use the most modern technology to promote our proactive approach to dentistry. Why wait to treat small cavities until they become big problems? We have the tools to detect decay much earlier than was ever before possible.  DIAGNOdent® is an advanced diagnostic aid that uses laser energy to help us discover decay at its earliest stages. With DIAGNOdent®, we can use light energy to conduct safe, non-invasive, and painless diagnostic examinations. This allows our dentists to treat problem areas much sooner, saving our patients time, expense, and valuable tooth structure.